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May 2011

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ghost_nymph in torontoholistic

BIE treatment for allergies

Has anyone here with an allergy or intolerance ever tried the therapy called Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE)?

See this site for info: http://www.inht.ca/

Apparently there are quite a few holistic allergists in Canada who practice this, and I'm thinking of trying it for my nut allergy. Would love some feedback from anyone who has tried it.



Re: BIE / inht.ca

There are skeptics for everything. There are better and worse practitioners of all kinds, including medical doctors. But that doesn't mean that those methods don't help.

I personally have had many years of ill health unexplained and unsolved by anyone in the medical community that I was able to see, specialists and all. Does this mean that medical doctors are useless,...NO. But there are other ways of being healthy. I have gotten my life back through various natural methods.

I am seeing a Holistic Allergist who uses BIE and gaining much benefit from her help. The body is a complex system and so not everything is straight forward with everyone. I have a lot of underlying problems and those need to be addressed as well for the BIE to be effective. The success can depend on how skilled and knowledgable the practitioner is at problem solving and investigating. Some things are straight forward and simple to solve and others are not.

But even at that I have had many of my sensitivities cleared and no longer a problem. It is a process for me. But there are those that can go in with an allergy and in as little as one treatment have no further trouble.

The BIE practitioner I see is certified with the INHT. You can look them up at: http://www.inht.ca/
Anyone using that specific technology and method should be certified with them to be practicing and carry insurance.

If it is an anaphylactic allergy be very careful before exposing yourself to the allergen. The practitioner should recommend if not insist that you consult your doctor and retake the medical allergy tests before exposing yourself to the offender. Be safe.

But yes I have found it to be effective.